Check out these Law of Attraction YouTubers.

7 Must-Follow Law of Attraction YouTubers

When I’m in my car or when I’m doing household chores, I like to listen to Law of Attraction (LOA) videos on YouTube. And somehow, I kept running into the same inspiring LOA YouTubers.

These aren’t necessarily famous authors and speakers. Some of them are relatively new in the teaching space, but are really shaking up the way people learn about LOA.

So here goes my list of recommended YouTubers in the Law of Attraction space. Check back for lists of Instagrammers and Facebook groups here, too.

Aaron Doughty

Aaron Doughty from Las Vegas has been publishing on YouTube since mid 2016. While the Law of Attraction seems to be his biggest passion, Aaron has also posted videos on self-image, relationships, and psychic abilities. Lately, he’s been into Reality Transurfing, a branch of Law of Attraction that is similar to dimensional jumping.

Zoey Arielle

Zoey from Canada started out vlogging about health, beauty, and traveling, but over time her videos delved deeper into the personal development area, with a strong focus on the Law of Attraction. From her new home base in Rome, she shares her newest LOA insight, techniques, and successes with over 100,000 subscribers. Be sure to check out Zoey’s books, too.

Ralph Smart

“Peace, Infinite Waters. Diving deep, once again,” are the famous words that London-based Ralph Smart (website) begins each video with. This highly productive YouTuber shares a wealth of information and tips on topics ranging from dating to careers, and from health to psychology. But no matter what he talks about, there is always a strong undercurrent of LOA in his videos. “Breathing in that good-ass prana, baby!”

Jake Ducey

When he was 19, Jake Ducey embarked on a world trip without a map. Inspired by Wayne Dyer’s writings, Jake discovered that he could be or do anything he wanted to be or do. His self-published book Into the Wind caught the attention of a literary agent and landed him a book deal with Penguin-Random House. Subscribe to his YouTube channel your daily dose of alignment and enlightenment.

Andrea Schulman

As the creator of LOA platform Raise Your Vibration Today, Andrea Schulman has started publishing YouTube videos on a regular basis. She is my go-to, no-nonsense LOA YouTuber if I need a quick tip or reminder. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Zach Smith

Coming from a sales and marketing background, Zach Smith got interested in using psychology to improve his results. From his videos, you can see that he’s gained a deep understanding of how our thoughts and emotions create our reality. In a soothing, patient tone, Zach shares the techniques he uses to manifest, among others, money and loving relationships.

Leeor Alexandra

Entrepreneurial Leeor Alexandra does way more than sharing her LOA insights on YouTube: she writes, creates jewelry. But be warned: as soon as you watch one of her videos, you become a baby elephant. 😉


  1. Thanks for list – I know some of them and I’ll look at the others… you didn’t mention Abraham?

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