Why Donald Trump Masters the Law of Attraction (And How You Can, Too)

The US presidential elections were intense and moving for the majority of us. The United States have such a great impact on the world; what happens there affects everyone.

So when I saw the result of the elections, for a moment, I felt the weight on my back of everything that could happen, the fear and the feeling of uselessness for not being able to change any of this. For a moment I thought about our government here in Spain, but it did not give me any relief either, if you get what I mean…

Thanks to my sensitivity and my perseverance to feel well I instantly noticed that the perspective I was adopting was eating away at my energy and power.

I asked myself: How could this happen? How is it possible that Donald Trump won the elections? Why? And Abraham-Hicks’s perspective helped me.

Expect success

Notice how Donald Trump expresses himself. He only talks about his interests and what he wants. Have you ever heard him say, “I hope this works out”?

No, instead he says:

  • “This is huge”
  • “This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had”
  • “This is the best building ever built”
  • “This is the best thing I’ve paid attention to”
  • “I hire the best people and get the best results”
  • “Things always work out for me”

In other words, he does not allow himself to talk about what went wrong or what might not go right. He has trained himself to focus on what he wishes, and because he has trained his vibration, things work out just right for him.

That is why he keeps getting more of whatever he wants, that is why he is a multimillionaire, and that is why he is the 45th President of the United States.

What would happen if we appreciated and learned from the things he does well? What would we achieve if, for a moment, we could accept diversity and forget the things we dislike about him (or anyone else, for that matter)? What would we get if we guided our vibrations towards the things we desire? Wouldn’t we experience the same as Trump; that things would go as we want them to? Wouldn’t that make us feel powerful?

Trump doesn’t create your reality – you do

Politicians don’t create your reality, only you can do that. You could incorporate a lot of fear into your experience with politics, and with that you would be creating your reality. Alternatively, you could focus on the things that work in your life, and you would be creating a whole different reality. Your choice.

You may not be a US presidential candidate, but you are the only voter of your thoughts, and that makes you the president of your own life.

How to manifest like Trump

So here goes my proposal for today…

Pick a part of your life in which things are going well for you. It could be relationships, work, or health.

Make a conscious effort to think and talk more about what is working out well in that part of your life. For example, you could write it down on paper or find a friend with whom to share this exercise.

Let the Law of Attraction do its job and bring prosperity, in whatever you wish, to that part of your life and to everyone else around you.

Keep being grateful and keep appreciating the manifestations.

I would love to hear about your story, how this exercise is working for you and how you create your own reality. Leave a comment below.

And remember, Donald Trump can’t create your reality; you are the only one who does so.

Source: Alicia Carrasco, Vidaes

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