Bashar is a being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka. This multidimensional, extraterrestrial being claims to be from a civilization called Essassani. Covering a wide variety of topics, the Law of Attraction is a recurring theme in Bashar’s live channeling events.

What does Bashar teach?

One of the most valuable teachings that Bashar shares with us are his 5 Universal Laws. These are the fundamental laws that create and build our reality, and understanding them can help us become conscious creators of our own experience. The 5 Universal Laws are:

  1. You exist
    You always have and you always will. You are eternal. This means that your fundamental nature is that of existence, rather than non-existence. You are a part of existence, therefore you are eternal, just like everything else. There is no need to fear your death or the idea of your non-existence, as you are eternal. It never ends, you keep on going and you keep on expanding.
  2. Everything is here and now
    This means that we are experiencing our consciousness through a created filter of time and space. However, this filter is simply a creation of ours that allows us to experience expansion in a linear fashion. In “reality” everything exists in one place (here) and in one time (now). In addition, you only ever exist in this here-and-now moment. This is where 100% of your power is, and where you can create your reality.
  3. The One is the All and the All is the One
    We are not separate from the whole of the universe. The entire universe is a bunch of stuff outside of “me”. Other people, other worlds, god, spirits, etc, under this definition, feel like they are “outside” of us. However, you ARE the entirety of existence functioning as YOU. I am the entirety of existence functioning as ME. You are the me having the “you” experience, and I am the you having the “me” experience. We are all of the same thing, we all work together, we all need each other and rely on each other.
  4. What you put out is what you get back
    Our thoughts and emotions are a form of energy that attracts similar energies to us. Whatever we focus on with our attention and intention, we manifest into our reality. This is how the Law of Attraction works. If we want to attract something into our lives, we have to align ourselves with the vibration of that thing. If we want to repel something from our lives, we have to let go of the vibration of that thing.
  5. Everything changes, except the first 4 laws
    This means that change is the only constant in the universe. Nothing stays the same forever, everything is in a state of flux and transformation. The only things that do not change are the first 4 laws, which are eternal and immutable.

How to use the Law of Attraction

Bashar also gives us some practical tips on how to manifest our desired reality using the Law of Attraction. Some of his tips are:

  • Act on your highest excitement
    This means that we have to follow our passion and joy in every moment. We have to do what makes us feel alive and inspired, without any expectations or attachments to the outcome. This is how we align ourselves with our true self and our purpose.
  • Let go of what does not serve you and let in what does serve you
    This means that we have to release any beliefs, habits, emotions or situations that are holding us back or limiting us in any way. We have to make room for what we want by clearing out what we don’t want.
  • Use gamma consciousness to access higher dimensions
    This means that we have to raise our vibration to a level where we can perceive and interact with realities beyond our physical senses. Gamma consciousness is a state of awareness where our brain waves operate at a very high frequency (around 40 Hz). In this state, we can tap into our intuition, creativity, imagination and psychic abilities.

In conclusion, Bashar is a fascinating source of wisdom and guidance for anyone who wants to learn more about the nature of reality and the Law of Attraction. This teacher explains us how to become conscious creators of our own experience by understanding and applying his 5 Universal Laws and his tips on manifestation. If you want to explore more of Bashar’s teachings, you can visit his official website.