The 2 Glasses Method: Drink Yourself to Another Dimension

Are you unhappy with your current job, relationship, health or finances? The 2 Glasses Method is a way to change your current situation to a desired situation.

At first sight, this may look like a Law of Attraction exercise, and it could very well be applied as part of the intention–manifestation philosophy. But at its roots, the 2 Glasses Method doesn’t claim to help you attract anything.

Instead of attracting something or someone into your life, the 2 Glasses Method helps you shift dimensions. It assumes that any conceivable version of yourself is out there, in its own dimension. And with this technique, you can immediately switch to the dimension in which you have what you desire, or are what you want to be.

This Is A Dimensional Jumping Technique

That we create our own reality, is something we at Manifestinator consider a fact. But which techniques you can use and what actually happens ‘behind the screens’ is open to discussion. And it is precisely in this void that Dimensional Jumping was devised.

The 2 Glasses Method is one that anyone can try at home – all you need is two glasses, some water, two bits of paper, and a pen. Oh, and it helps if you’re alone, too!

How The 2 Glasses Method Works

Once of the most popular dimensional jumping exercises is the 2 Glasses Method. The instructions, which I’ve copied from its original post, are as follows:

Choose a specific situation that you want to change, but one that you don’t necessarily have much influence over.

Decide clearly what the current situation is, and what the desired replacement situation is.

  1. Fill one of the two glasses with water.
  2. On the first label, write a word that summarises the current situation, and stick it to the filled glass.
  3. On the second label, write a word that summarises the desired situation, and stick it to the empty glass.
  4. With the two glasses in front of you, pause for a moment, and contemplate how your life is currently filled with the first situation, and empty of the desired situation.
  5. Then, when you’re ready, pour the water from the first glass (the current situation) into the second glass (the desired situation), while really noticing the sounds and feeling and shifting of the water from one to the other.
  6. Sit back and see the glasses in their new state; allow yourself to take a deep breath and feel relieved.
  7. Drink the water and enjoy the satisfaction of having made the desired change.
  8. Take off the labels, put away the glasses, carry on with your life.

One thing I’d like to emphasize is that you *will* get results here, so if you do decide to perform this exercise, please take this seriously and only choose a replacement situation that you will be happy to live with.

Why This Technique Gets You Results

For those who are more into the Abraham-Hicks type of manifesting, the method outlined in this blogpost may be considered a ritual that helps reinforce one’s beliefs and expectations. In other words: the 2 Glasses Method works, as long as you believe it does.

Dripping with Success

The 2 Glasses Method is a simple, yet effective way to shift from your current reality to a new, desired reality. By following the steps outlined above, you can use this technique to manifest your desires and improve your life. Remember, it’s important to approach this exercise with a positive mindset and to choose a dimension that will bring you long-term happiness. With the 2 Glasses Method, the power to change your reality is in the glasses of water before you.


  1. just wondering what happens with those you leave behind in the current/former dimension. Will I disappear from their lives?

  2. I have tried the 2 glass method about changing a situation earlier this after noon. You see our friends who fell on bad times keep hitting us up for money to a point where it is draining us. The new dimension I desire is that they find other sources ways to successfully get the financial help they and stop begging us so constantly. As I am writing this they are still hitting us for funds without any letup. We even suggest other sources of help but there is always unsuccess,a problem or even a possible excuse. How long will it take for this new reality or dimension to kick in?

  3. hello,
    can you do the 2 cup method for others?
    In my case for my kid. She is too small to understand it. Can I do it for her? Or can i put the labels on the cups and give her the water to drink?
    Thank you

  4. I used the 2 cups method as I am in love with my friend with benefits and have been for 7 months, he just didn’t want me. I did the 2 cups method 2 days ago, yesterday he messaged me and wanted to see me. He said that i’m beautiful and wants to take me out for my birthday and wants to spend the night tonight. So folks I am a believer in this 100% but you need to believe. I’m putting this out there to help anyone that wants the confirmation that this works X

    1. I just want to make sure that I’m clear.. this method “works” because your friend with benefits messaged you.. asking for more benefits?

  5. I tried the 2 cup method trying to get more inflow of money and within 5 minutes of fringing from the second cup, I had a credit alert of money.

    This really works guys. Believe!!

  6. At that moment I feel like giving up – one of my accountability partners called me and told me about this method. Having nothing to lose I jumped right in and did it having baby faith. I m expecting my desired outcomes. I will update …

      1. Maybe she’s now living in a new Dimension and this part of her life stayed. But my Theory is there is a Main Dimension or being and then different Dimension

  7. Can you use this to shift to a new reality/dimension that you have already plotted out? Will it be instantaneous? Or is this for stuff that doesn’t involve physical changes?

  8. My husband decides not to work our marriage out after 11 yrs being married. Last week on Tuesday he files for divorce . I feel a sense of relief since my children had suffer the most.
    We have 2 teenage children, that he helped raises as his own since they we’re 4 & 5 yrs old.
    He has always told us no matter what happens he will always take care of us and be there to help us out .
    But … not so sure anymore, I have not worked in 11 yrs he has provided us everything. Now with school jiat starting and the help of some friends to be able to get them by until ?
    My husband told me he was not going to pay for anything anymore.
    The montage and light bill is due soon, running out of food.
    I am lost and dont know what more to do.
    Today is payday I know he will not think about our needs. He is mind set.
    Would thia some how help out? Could I use the two cup mothed to help us out financially toward him .
    What do you think?

  9. What are the limits to what you could ask I’ve seen posts on reddit with people asking for stuff from tiny things well not really tiny but yeah like hair color and relationships and other people asking for a ton of money or some crazy powers or something not saying i want this but the money part seems to work I’m just curious of the limits of this ritual

  10. I just broke up with my boyfriend and Im in a bad position. I want to go back in time and fix my mistakes. Can this method bring me any closer to getting my loved one back?

  11. I have tried this and in the process some water spilled on the table, wondering if thats okay. My question is does it take many days to manifest at times ? I trust the universe will let it happen, looking at the time frame of it all !

    Will you email me ?
    Thanks a ton.

  12. Hello,
    My right eye sight is -3.0 and my left eye
    Sight is -3.5.Can achieve 20/20 vision using this two cup method. If so please, I request you to explain me in detail how to do it

  13. Hi André. I’ve been a mistress of this man whom I didnt know is married. He lied to me. Now we have a baby. I just want to ask if this will work in my situation? I want him to be my husband. I want us to be a family. To be together forever

    1. Why would you want to be with someone who cheated on their partner for you? If he does it to her, he will do it to you

  14. Hey there,
    I just tried the two cup yesterday. But after i tore both my papers and threw it in the bins. Will it still work!? ?

  15. Hi. I have a crush. .. huge crush on a boy. Can i use this method to attract him for a serious and long term relationship?

  16. I’m in highschool still and ive recently been broken up with someone who I’ve been with for more than a year and I dont want to lose her, I still want to be her boyfriend and I want to stay with her, we still love each other she said she just cant be in a relationship. I want to try this method, do you think it will work?

    1. You have FREE WILL, and so does your ex-girlfriend. Would you want anybody enslaving you to do something you don’t want to do? If you do it, it won’t end well for either of you.
      Instead of concentrating on your ex-girlfriend, use Magick (that’s what this is) to ask the Universe to attract someone whom you will be compatible with so you both will be happy with each other. Somewhere, there is a girl asking the Universe to attract someone (like you) who is compatible with her. Let the Universe arrange the details and when you two meet, you won’t even remember your ex’s name.
      You’re Welcome.

  17. Hi I’m just now finding out about this method. Quick question, so what would we write on the label if we want to manifest a specific person into our life? It can be a friendship or relationship either one. I hope you can respond. Thanks

  18. Hi! Is it possible to quantum jump to a dimension with a specific person?
    I am single and I want a new relationship, I met a wonderful guy a week ago… is it ok to write a paper with the word “single” and on the other one write “in a relationship with … and the name of this person?

  19. Just tried this a few minutes ago hopefully it works. Not sure if I did the labeling correct. Will update if it worked

    1. yes!! I think so! my goal is to move to san diego and I just KNOW ill get there, with the 55×5 listening to my subliminals everyday, and now ill try to do this? ill DEFINENTLY get there good luck +3<3 <3

  20. Hi, so i haven’t seen this question answered yet. If I put So and so’s name isn’t my girlfriend and then put so and so’s name is my girlfriend, what happens? Do i just wait and see?

  21. Hi i just try the 2 cups method different days with different current and desire situation now a days i see some sighs (when i turn on the channel was foreign person in the news) i wrote being single in current situation and then the desire one is new love with a foreigner that is rich. now a days i see 333 yesterday when i came out of church. Also 2 or 3 white birds also when i was with my mom woot is working i believe it lol.

  22. So i have very thin hair with little volume. If i try the two cup method to have strong that thick silky hair what do i write on my current situation cup without sounding negative or is it okay to put down the negative thing in current situation

    1. Hi Sara, according to this theory, it’s fine if you describe your current situation with what might sound like negative words. The important thing is that, thanks to this ritual, you start ‘vibrating’ in the thick, silky hair frequency.

  23. Do you recommend to re-use the same cups Or new ones ?
    I did it yesterday and had an amazing experience but I’m just curious

  24. I tried this friday. I did it fast because I had to go to a class, and wrote many many things on the second label (my desired dimension’s glass), including fantastic stuff (like magic, supernatural stuff ect…) will it work ?

  25. Hello.
    I was wondering wether I could do this to change someone else’s situation.
    For a friend of mine who is very depressed and suicidal, I’d like to do this exercise to change their current situation. But does it work if done for someone else?

  26. I have a question that no one seems to have asked anywhere.
    Let’s pretend you wish to improve your relationship with your partner and you do this exercise.
    And it works!
    So what happened? Did you jump off to another dimension (with minor or no noticeable differences around you hopefully)?

    My Question: So if you switched dimensions, then what happened to the dimension where you *were*. Did someone else or your quantum self replace you or take your place? Would your partner *not* notice the difference? Isn’t it effing them up and leaving them with your quantum double?
    Or did I miss something in understanding?

    Thank you.

    1. It’s all you across all dimensions. All you’re doing is shifting your focus from the less desirable dimension to the more desirable one. It does kind of feel like a switching of places, but all possible outcomes are already happening to you simultaneously, so it really is just a shift in perspective.

  27. Hi author! I really wanted to try this for finding a true love life partner. But I’ve read on Reddit r/Dimensionaljumping forum section while searching on two cups jumping results and found some post about this person changing his financial situation but jumped to another place and his previous dimension wife is Mary, the dimension he jumped to, his wife is Helen. And his kids are different and his whole life is different. And that’s what stops me from trying the two cups method to find true love that I truly desired. Cuz I love the family I have one every single one of them and can’t imagine having all the things I want and not have the same family faces and personality. So…I just wanted to ask if that really happens? Thanks for helping!

  28. Hi yes i knew about this method for about 2months just lightly reading about it. I finally decided 3 weeks ago that id give it a go. I wrote on a paper towel as i didnt have any paper lying around. On one paper i wrote broke not enough money, in the other i wrote extra money to spend. I did the method and 2 weeks later out, my bills went out of my account on automatic payment so i knew i didnt have much money that week. I checked my account anyway expecting my usual amount, only to find extra money! I check to see where it came from, no idea who made this payment it just said “Apple” and a company ive never heard of. Any way, i got an extra $142 in my account which funnily enough was all i needed to pay for daily hospital parking to visit my dad. Wow!

  29. I read and started to practice it today. I understands the method works if you believe in it, focus on current and desired outcome(most on desired), align with it and you feel deeply you want the outcome. Obviously it should be repeated many times. If that is correct, should i do the same process all over again, putting the handwritten sheets of paper at the glasses, taking them off and putting them back or just leaving them there?

  30. I did this method a couple of weeks ago.
    My boyfriend and I had a baby and he was the only one working money was very tight sometimes not even enough for food.
    I was going through a painful divorce with my abusive and narcissistic ex.
    He had 6 months to pay money from the divorce and I was convinced he’d pay me right at the last day.
    I did the cup method and to my surprise next day I receive a call from my solicitor to say he’d paid the full amount.
    I couldn’t believe it.
    We managed to pay our over draft and bought a car the rest is going towards buying a house.
    I’m in awe. I frankly cannot believe how fast it worked.
    So grateful.
    I’ll do one about my health and weight loss as I have been struggling for a very long time with it.

  31. So if this does work, would you also notice other subtle differences? I doubt every dimension is going to be exactly like the one you came from so I’m guessing small things could be different. And are there consequences, maybe I go to a dimension where I lose a loved one?

  32. I did this about 3 weeks ago and it worked. I remember reading not to take this lightly, as getting to the end result may be painful and not what you were expecting.

    I was in a miserable relationship. In a city I didn’t want to be in, for my boyfriends job. I felt my friendships were empty, he was completely avoiding all responsibilities as boyfriend. We were two individuals cohabitating, and I desperately wanted to find happiness. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel I could leave him. My self worth was at an all time low. I had been putting his happiness and comfort above my own for so long.

    My full cup was labelled “empty and unsatisfying relationships.” My empty cup was labelled “genuine friendships and relationships”. I poured the water, set an intention, drank the water. Then I forgot about it the next day. I really paid no mind to it at all.

    3 weeks almost to the day…. my relationship completely falls apart. I maintain I’ve done nothing wrong, he gaslights me. He says I’m harassing him when I tell him I’m unhappy. Something clicks in my brain. I look at him and I do not recognize him anymore. I started packing. I felt powerful and confident. I made my mind up not to let him put me down anymore. This is so unlike me.

    Instead of the panic I thought I would experience, it just felt…. right. The stars aligned, I found someone the day before this happened who was looking to buy a business like my own. The next day I sold my business. I move to my hometown, where I’ve always wanted to live again, in a few short days. I feel the best I’ve felt in years!

  33. How often do i need to do this 2 glass manifesting technique?
    What if i do it everyday untill i manifest my desires?
    Please advice.

    1. Hi,

      Let me clarify that I’m not the inventor of this method, but rather an intrigued student. There is/was ample discussion about this technique on Reddit.

      As for your question: it all depends on your beliefs around the method and the particular situation you are manifesting.

      If your belief is very strong and you hold no resistance (whether consciously or unconsciously) to your desire, I don’t see the need to do this multiple days in a row.

      However, the fact that you’re asking this very question, probably means that a daily dose of ‘holy water’ is just what the doctor ordered. 😉

  34. I’ve tried it ,it worked the first two time but not so much the third time , it’s close to being 48 hours … what do I do now ? Redo it ? Or wait for it to manifest still ?

  35. I tried this method. On two different days for 2 different reasons. And I’m waiting for the results. Will definitely update here as soon as I see changes.

    1. This method did work. On 26th August I wrote on one cup “no work and no money” and on the second cup I wrote “work and money simultaneously with my education”. I carried out the entire process and on 7th September à friend of mine asked whether anyone wanted to take up her responsibility of teaching French to a school student and it was a perfect opportunity to work. And the craziest thing is that I’d forgot about wishing something like this and suddenly after all this happened I remembered it. Before 7th September I was mentally saturated with assignments and exams and wasn’t able to think straight. And as soon as I got done with everything, this opportunity was waiting for me. This is crazy!!! Miracles do happen.

  36. How often should we do this? Like I want to clear an entrance exam which is in Feb.. should I do this everyday or just once?

  37. I tried this 2 cup method today and got results immediately! I was shocked! I’m seriously not making this up. Although my approach to the 2 cup method was dlightly different but that doesn’t matter. I had limited funds to spend on myself and I wanted that to change. And so I did the 2 cup method.. ripped up the current situation paper and threw it away and kept the desired situation paper… just a few hours later my fiance came home from work and told me starting next month (around the time our baby will be born) he will be traveling for work and will recieve a 3 dollar raise.. (he’s making $16 an hour at the moment) so he will be making $19 an hour. As soon as he told me the good news, My jaw dropped! The 2 cup method had worked in under 24 hours. That is incredible. I’m telling my mom about this method!

    1. Did people around you changed? I’ve heard of people changing when you do the two cups. It could be a little personality change or even a a totally different person or family. Just wondering.

  38. I just tried this. I’m having a hard time getting a apartment. I’m hoping this works because I’m so stressed about my current living situation and need to move sooner than later to move forward with my life and be happy.

    I will keep you guys updated! 🙂

  39. I tried this method two days ago and had unbelievable results in under 24 hours.

    I was being charged with a misdemeanor, I’ve been unemployed since June, and I’ve been very depressed. I wrote, “I’m being charged with a misdemeanor” on the first cup and “I have a clean record” on the empty cup. I focused, poured it over and drank it. Then I did it again. This time I wrote “I’m unemployed” on the first cup and “I’m employed” on the second cup. I focused, poured and drank. Then I wrote “I’m depressed” on one cup and “I’m content” on the other cup. Focused, poured, drank.

    The next day (yesterday) I went to court for my trial. Miraculously, the judge could not decipher the officer’s handwriting on my ticket, and he dismissed the whole case!! As I’m singing and skipping back to my car, I see I have a missed call. I called the number back, and it was a job offer! I’ll start work on Monday, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

    The only thing I did differently is that I used a dry erase marker to write on the cups instead of taping a piece of paper to it, but I don’t that makes any difference.

    1. Hi Roshni, you certainly can. Every imaginable reality already exists; also a reality in which more than one of your desires are reality. The question is: are you ready to believe this?

      If you’re only just starting out with the 2 Glasses Method, you may want to focus on one desire at a time. It makes it more believable, lessening your resistance.

    1. Hi DP! Do what every day? 😉

      The 2 Cups Method can work for virtually anything. The key is to believe that it does. If you have doubts, another technique may be better suited for you.

      Specifically for getting pregnant, letting go is a powerful action. There are so many examples of couples who got pregnant after giving up on their dream or even after adopting a child.

      In fact, you have given me a great idea for a blogpost. Keep checking back for a blogpost titled How to Get Pregnant Using the Law of Attraction. I will also post the link in this comment once it’s up.

      1. Thank you André for the response. I meant, The cup ritual do I need to do it everyday? ?
        I will be looking forward to the blog.


  40. I want to use this to attract a friendship with someone (don’t know this persons name, I see this person on the bus on my way to work. The person works in the some company as me, they wear a t shirt, jeans and Nike shox shoes and has grocery bag with food/snacks in it). How would I do this using the cup method? Not too sure how to write it…

    1. Happened to me while I was trying it out..well so far, I have gradually started to see the results I was hoping for so I am assuming it doesn’t really matter.its just a mindset thing.

  41. I want to use this to learn a new language I’ve been trying to learn along with attract people who speak the language. How would I do this using the cup method? I want to know how I should write it

    1. That’s a good question.

      This all has to do with beliefs. Speaking for myself, my beliefs wouldn’t allow me to jump straight into a dimension where I speak a new language fluently.

      What I can imagine, however, is a reality in which words and sounds “stick” better. A reality in which my talent for picking up new languages has improved.

      How does this sound to you, Eli? How big of a jump do your beliefs support?

  42. I’m in an ugly and unjust custody battle. I want to change it find resolve. I been desperately trying to get to a better place with him, I feel he is going this to hurt me and it’s not about the child. Could this work?

    1. Hi JLM, you bet it could! I suggest you start with a small dimensional jump – just to make sure it is believable for you.

      So think this through. What would a small victory in this battle look like? Focus on it, apply the method, and see how your ex softens his attitude.

      Then you can build from there with another (small) dimensional jump.

      It may help to realize that there is a dimension in which your ex and you are both happy about the custody arrangements for your child. Your objective is to get there.

      Do let us know how the 2 Cups Method is working for you.

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