Dimensional Jumping

A person jumping into a new dimension.

Since the book The Secret came out, there has been a renewed interest of people in creating their own realities. One alternative to the Law of Attraction is Dimensional Jumping. This theory was put forth by an anonymous Reddit user. It didn’t take long for the Law of Attraction community to discover his posts and try out his techniques.

What is Dimensional Jumping?

In Dimensional Jumping, we assume that there is an infinite number of timelines –or parallel dimensions– available to us. Dimensional Jumping helps you ‘jump’ to a timeline that you prefer to your current reality. 

Understanding Dimensional Jumping requires a different way of looking at the world. There are some metaphors that help you adopt this new world-view, such as the Hall of Records.

Once you ‘get’ this new perspective, there are some exercises you can do to prove to yourself whether Dimensional Jumping works. One of the most popular Dimensional Jumping techniques is the 2 Glasses Method.

Who created Dimensional Jumping?

The Dimensional Jumping theory was first proposed by a Redditor who goes by the username of TriumphantGeorge. While the accompanying Reddit group has closed a few years ago, you can still access its read-only archives. Since then, other subreddits have sprung up that aim to carry the conversation forward.

Is it possible to switch dimensions?

Yes. In fact, we’re shifting through dimensions all the time, even while sleeping. At any point in time, we have thousands of options –or dimensions– available to us, and each dimension branches off into thousands of new ones. 

Let’s illustrate this with an example. When you’re watching TV on your couch, at any point you have the option to close your eyes and take a nap, get up and grab a beer from the fridge, switch the TV off and go to the gym, and so on. Dimensional Jumping basically reminds us that we choose our own dimension.

The safety of Dimensional Jumping

Many people wonder if Dimensional Jumping is safe because of the fear of getting stuck in a dimension. But, as explained before, we jump dimensions all the time. Any action or experience that changes your perception of reality is a jump into a new dimension. That means you cannot be trapped in a particular dimension.

Dimensional Jumping simply uses this natural process to consciously get you where you want to be–and faster. And if you’re not happy in your new reality, you can always jump to another one, even back to the one you were before.

What is the 2 Glasses Method?

The 2 Glasses Method helps you move from your current dimension to a dimension in which your desire is fulfilled. In it, one glass filled with water represents your current situation. You pour the contents into an empty glass which represents the desired situation, and drink it. Over the next few days, you will see your life change dramatically.