Perhaps the best-known of all Law of Attraction teachers is Abraham-Hicks. For someone who is new to Abraham-Hicks, it can be a little confusing who we’re actually dealing with.

I know it happened to me. In fact; it put me off hearing their message in the beginning. But, since life has a habit of putting us in the same situation again and again until we learn (and grow), there came a moment that I couldn’t ignore their message any longer.

Nowadays, it is easy to come across Abraham-Hicks. A Google or YouTube search on the Law of Attraction will often point to the wisdom that Abraham-Hicks have been imparting for decades.

Who is Abraham-Hicks?

Abraham-Hicks is the name of a group of spirits or non-physical energy that speaks through Esther Hicks in a process called channeling. This began decades ago, when Esther and her husband Jerry, who was a great asker of questions, decided to do an experiment: to contact infinite intelligence.

Through relaxation and meditation, Esther succeeded in doing so. In the very beginning, her head would rock slightly from left to right, without Esther even noticing. After some practice, she would receive ‘blocks of thought’ which she felt the urge of writing down.

As Esther got better and better at channeling, and Jerry got his questions about life and the Universe answered, they both felt inspired to introduce Abraham to their friends and acquaintences. Their living room gatherings would soon expand to phone readings, books, and, eventually, the workshops that the thousands of Abraham videos on YouTube are extracted from.

Esther speaks about Abraham in plural: “Abraham are”, “Abraham have”, etc. When Esther channels Abraham, these ‘entities’ speak in the first-person plural: “From our vantage point”, “This is what we would do”, etc.

And when referring to herself, Esther will speak in the third person: “When Esther meditates”, “The other day, Esther got the urge to…”

What do Abraham-Hicks teach?

Similar to other Law of Attraction teachers, Abraham-Hicks teach that everything is vibration and that our thoughts eventually create the physical reality around us.

Where they differ is in their teachings about alignment and the Vortex. By aligning our thoughts with the expanded version of ourselves, we allow our desires to come into fruition.

To do so, it is important to be aware of our emotions at all times. The Emotional Guidance Scale that Abraham-Hicks lay out, is a tool to help you stay in alignment.

If we were to boil down the Abraham-Hicks teachings to only one rule, though, it is feel good.

Books by Abraham-Hicks

The most famous publication by Abraham-Hicks is Ask And It Is Given. It stands out among the other 13 books because it introduces a tool called the Emotional Guidance Scale.

When applying this model, you become a true Manifestinator, as it helps you float back up to those emotional states that make dreams come true.

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