55 Manifesting is a method that focuses your Law of Attraction efforts.

5×55 Manifesting: Method To Manifest in Just 5 Days


5×55 Manifesting is one of the most popular Law of Attraction (LOA) methods you will find on the Internet.

But what do those numbers stand for? And what do you need to manifest like a true influencer?

This blogpost helps you use and perfect this technique.

What Is 5×55 Manifesting?

5×55 Manifestating is an LOA technique. It is centered on the number 5, which represents change and transformation in numerology.

For 5 days, you write the same affirmation 55 times a day. You read that right: 55 phrases!

Using the 5×55 Manifestation Method unlocks the power of your subconscious mind, filling it with your positive affirmation, and passing on your ‘order’ to the Universe.

Some people report manifesting their desire even before those five days are over. Which is a relief when so much writing is involved…

How Does 5×55 Manifesting Work?

Writing is a great way to focus your attention on a subject. That’s why it’s a popular tool in manifesting.

In this case, just one sheet of paper won’t do – you will need a notebook or journal instead. After all, you will be writing a one or two-sentence affirmation for a grand total of 275 times!

Let’s break this method down into four easy steps.

Step 1: It All begins With Emotion

In this first step, you will define the area of your life that you wish to change. Is it your health, your financial position, your love life, or the place you live?

Write down which emotions your current situation make you feel. Then write down which emotions you would like to feel instead.

Step 2: Define What You Want to Manifest

You know how you want to feel. But what is it exactly that would make you feel those emotions? What manifestation would it take to get you there?

For example, if you want to feel loved, perhaps you want to attract a new partner. Or if you want to feel abundant and free, you want to attract a certain amount of money.

Step 3: Choose The Best Affirmation

In this step, you will ‘try out’ different affirmations.

The idea is to find the one that most resonates with you, the exact wording that fills you with the most excitement.

Make sure you write each affirmation in the present tense, and include the emotions you want to feel.

One example could be: I am so lucky to have met my new boyfriend, who showers me with gifts and attention. With him, I feel secure and loved.

Another example: Seeing my bank balance makes me feel calm and grateful. I have manifested the exact amount I required.

You will write down 5 variations of your affirmation. Then, you choose the one that resonates the most with you.

Step 4: Stay Positive

The manifesting begins! Ideally, you will jot down your affirmation 55 times in one sitting. But if you are not used to writing by hand, this may become a painful exercise…

And since positivity is so important during this process, it would be better to divide the 55 repetitions into several chunks, for example: 20 in the morning, 18 in the afternoon, and 17 in the evening.

This way, you’ll avoid cramps, and stay positive throughout the week.

Why Is It Called 5×55 Manifesting?

This method is called 5X55 because it is linked with the numerological number 5 – a number that represents change and transformation.

Every numerological number has its own effect and frequency in your life as everything is energy.

That’s why this method also contained with 5 affirmations and writing the affirmation 55 times can use the frequency of number 5 for manifesting your desire.

Who Popularized This Method?

I first came across 5×55 Manifesting in Sarah Prout‘s materials. Sarah actually alternates between calling it the 55×5 Formula and the Ancient Manifesting Ritual.

According to Sarah, this method has its origins in ancient Egypt and was taught to her by her meditation teacher Sri Bhai Sahib, nearly twenty years ago.

“It has changed the way that I practically apply manifesting and the Law of Attraction in my life.”

5×55 Manifesting Dos And Don’ts

While using the 5×55 method there are certain things you have to keep in mind and certain things you have to avoid doing.

5×55 Manifesting Dos

  • When performing the 5×55 Manifestation Method, make sure you are in good spirits.
  • Create a simple but powerful affirmation in the present tense. Imagine how you’d be feeling right now if your wish were granted.
  • Trust that your desire will manifest in the right place at the right time – your desire won’t necessarily manifest before the fifth day is through. Only the Universe know what the best moment is to grant your desire.

5×55 Manifesting Don’ts

  • Only try manifesting something you are in harmony with; something that feels good to you on all levels.
  • Avoid dealing with negative thoughts when they come in your mind. Simply let them go.
  • Don’t sort out the ‘how’ and ‘when’ your desire will manifest. Don’t question the wisdom of the Universe.
  • Don’t feel regret if the manifestation doesn’t take place in five days. Stay patient and your desire will come to you.
  • Hold your horses! There is no need to continue this process beyond the 5 days. The Universe has heard you loud and clear.

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