Law of Attraction: How Lottery Winner Cynthia Stafford Manifested $112 Million

In 2007, Cynthia Stafford won the $112 million jackpot in California’s Mega Millions lottery. She wasn’t surprised, however, as she had visualized winning this exact figure for a long time. That’s right – she confessed to using the Law of Attraction to manifest her lottery win.

It’s no wonder that Law of Attraction scholars are often fascinated by the lottery. After all, if you create your own reality, then why not create one in which you win the jackpot? Money represents freedom, and lots of money means you can do whatever you like whenever you like.

Cynthia set about doing that and succeeded. But before we look at the techniques she used, there is one thing we should get out of the way. One thing that seems to make manifesting a lottery win pretty complicated.

The Lottery is Only One Way of Attracting Financial Abundance

As Abraham-Hicks often say to people who ask how they can win the lottery, “You know too much.” And that’s true: we know there can only be one winner out of the tens or hundreds of millions people who play, which almost automatically introduces resistance. That’s why for most, limiting themselves to one avenue of financial abundance (the lottery) is a bad idea.

Think about it: wealth could come to you in so many different ways. You could find a briefcase full of banknotes, sell your business, get an inheritance, find a few Bitcoin you bought years ago, win a lawsuit, and so on.

Even Cynthia admitted that the money could have come from anywhere, but one thing she was sure of – it was going to be $112 million dollars. And the Universe delivered it to her in the shape of a lottery jackpot.

Cynthia Stafford’s Lottery Winning Method

So what did Cynthia do to manifest that $112 million prize? A lifelong belief in the Law of Attraction definitely helped her. But this doesn’t mean she was constantly in a state of allowing. She had to work hard to stay positive and expectant. Here are the 5 techniques she used to attract her Mega Millions win.

  1. Visualize Winning
    As she explained on a morning show, Cynthia picked an amount she felt excited about, wrote it on a piece of paper, “and looked at it all the time.” She would envision herself holding a check while wearing her favorite green top. Incidentally, this is the same green top she wore when picking up her $112 million check.
  2. Make Friends with Wealth
    Cynthia recommends people to study wealth. “Talk to financial advisors, tax attorneys, and people who are rich, if you know any.” She knew how to invest (part of) her fortune long before the money came into her life. She would say and sing “I’m wealthy” several times a day.
  3. Happiness Habit
    “I wake up every day and say to myself: today is a great day,” says Cynthia. “And you know the Happy Song? That’s my song! I sing it all the time.” Cynthia explains that she likes to have fun, and sing and dance with her children.
  4. Pivot to Positive
    “Whatever you focus your attention on, has a way of showing up in your life, for good and for bad,” says Cynthia. That’s why she always looks for the positive and beautiful things in her life, while avoiding the evening news and other negative influences. If she does find herself in a weaker moment, she will find a way to distract herself with positive thinking.
  5. Be Your Own Cheerleader
    “Don’t be around people that want to pull you down,” warns Cynthia. “Say prayers for them, and keep moving with a smile on your face.” A feeling of self-worth is essential for manifesting your dreams, according to Cynthia. “We’re here to be powerful; to be the best. See yourself as the best on this planet.”

If we distill Cynthia’s Law of Attraction lottery winning techniques down to their core principle, we arrive not at a strong hope, and not even at a strong conviction. No, Cynthia already knew that she had won. She created a future memory that filled her with so much happiness and self-confidence that she bent the Universe to her will.

How Cynthia Stafford Used the Law of Attraction for her Lottery Win

Few lottery winners come forward and tell so openly about the time leading up to the win and the way it has changed their lives. In this inspiring talk, followed by a Q&A session, Cynthia shares a lot of Law of Attraction gold nuggets.

Giving Back to Keep Receiving

One of the most inspiring things about Cynthia Stafford’s story is how she used her money to pursue her passions and help others. She didn’t just buy a fancy house and a car, she also invested in her dream of becoming a film producer and donated to various charities that she cared about. She was generous with her family and friends, and supported causes that aligned with her values. She believed that by giving back, she was attracting more abundance and happiness into her life. She was living proof that the Law of Attraction works not only for winning the lottery, but also for creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

What would you do if you won the lottery? How would you use your money to make a positive impact on yourself and the world?


  1. I have developed a variation of this method which I call “the 2 jugs method”. I find it works better when you take about a day to ingest your love, abundance, or whatever. Take a few sips now and then. You will be thinking about it all day. I find that it gives better results, but maybe that’s just me?

  2. The law of attraction is always working. I believe that I will hit the jackpot not only once but twice or three times. There’s no limit to how many times one must hit the lottery jackpot. Cynthia is a great example and whenever I lose hope, I remember that she won using the law of attraction. You just need to have faith that everything is working in your favour. I’ll surely come back here to tell you that I’ve hit the jackpot.

  3. I think this is one of the best stories by far!!! The way she put things into perspective is so easy to follow and is makes since. This story really made me realize how a mind is a terrible thing to waste, seek and you will find. Think positive at all cost and that there is no room for negative people, places and things. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Miss Cynthia.

  4. It feels like the universe is mocking me 😛

    A few days ago numbers with great meaning came up in the Euromillions draw.
    Had I used only the initial quick pick 16 and then changed the others for (birthdate) numbers I would have gotten at least 4 out of 5 right. When I saw the winning combination it was like déjà vu.
    I remember that before the draw I just thought “screw it, it’s all random anyways” and then I did not play those dear numbers that I have been thinking about. It is not that I got a strong feeling before the lottery, it is just that I have been thinking for a couple of weeks about why not trying to play these birth dates of relatives sometime soon…And then just like that the numbers came up! The one time I thought that there are no patterns and that it is all random.

    What is going on?? This is driving me crazy. Either the universe is trying to tell me NOT to play the lottery, and this is what I think. Meaning that every time I think it is going to be totally random – it will not be and vice versa as to “show” me that this is not the path for me. OR the universe is trying to tell me to trust my INSTINCTS more and take more risks, i.e. I could have tried some combinations of these birth dates and would have won big, if not the top tier prize.

    Which one is it????

    I wish I could be as positive and happy as Cynthia. I’ve had a rough childhood, always been poor and I do know that I am just “whining”. But how can get out of this spiral? What does the universe want from me? Not trying to be a martyr, but I have been through some rough patches, and tried to stay positive. But now just feels like it all keeps repeating, all the bad stuff. Is this my karma???

    The universe is ALWAYS sending me signs when something BAD happens, never any GOOD. Just have to accept it I guess. Why could not the universe have giving me that feeling before the lottery? (I checked the numbers very quickly in the morning as I got a strong feeling that it was going to be something that I knew since before) Why WHY?????
    I wish I could tune in to the positive vibes as Cynthia. But it just something that grinds…. 🙁

    1. Hi
      You need to focus on positivity and gratitude it’s like a muscle that you must train
      We’ve all had rough times some more than others but that is the past and if you want a better future you need to start small with simple gratitude practices
      I’ve also had a terrible time, it was all I would think about My life didn’t change until I left the past in the past and focused on love gratitude for the air I was breathing as that was all I had to be grateful for at the time
      You can do it you can make miracles happen with your mind
      Lots of love to you

    2. Change your subconscious by listening to YouTube videos whilst you sleep, easiest way. Type in subliminal worthy affirmations and leave it playing whilst you sleep. Your subconscious will start hearing it and absorbing it. The rest will follow

    3. Hi… I really want to give you some really positive advice… Try to stop saying them kind of things right away please. The Universe gives us right back what we’re thinking and feeling… It all has to do with your feelings,…. Like attracts like… Also try to listen to Abraham Hicks, very awesome and powerful, uplifting videos, just look them up on YouTube, they will really help alot.. I hope the best for you.

  5. I’m the next person to become rich using the law of attraction. From today onwards, money comes to me in both expected and unexpected ways. I have more than enough money that I share with people. My business is successful and gives me money everyday. I’m really grateful for this and soon you’ll know me because I’m going to be famous. I’m grateful for my happiness and abundance in every aspect of my life.

  6. I wish Mrs Cynthia could help me with 24 thousand to pay all my debts interest free I’m trying to do this las ten years but with the high interest i can’t do it but help as a loan not a gift but I know that’s not easy but I wish her the best she’s so smart she put her money in movies tv shows that’s so great I’m to old now to do much god bless you mrs Cinthia a wonderful sister you deserve that and more congratulations in you’re future marriage

    1. You can’t expect handouts from other people. You need to do the work yourself, all your comment screams out is: not worthy, poverty, struggling etc and that’s all you’ll get in return. You need to change your mind set. Good luck x

      1. I was in the darkest hour of my financial life in 2003. I could no longer make monthly payments on my 5 credit cards. They all were maxed out and the crushing blow came during the late summer of 2003 when county officers began to drop off court summons on my porch rails.
        I was familiar with attracting wealth wind mind powers had used this technique off and on over the years although I never won millions or even thousands of dollars when I used mind money attraction and just on average about 200 dollars at a time.
        It happened enough to convince laws of attraction were real.
        Back to 2003 I was in a financial crisis the worst of my life. I had a subliminal DVD on attracting wealth I remember for about 4 days in a row I drove to Lake Michigan played the wealth DVD and concentrated on money falling out of the sky. I wanted that money badly I was being sued by credit card companies my first court hearing
        was to be Oct.8th and in December that year.
        I didn’t want to go through that and wage garnishment. I had purchased a Lucky Five lottery ticket the grand prize was 50,000 dollars. I went to the lake for 4 days focused on winning.
        When the night of the draw came every number I has picked on my ticket was drawn EXCEPT the last one I had 33 the number drawn was 34.
        I was heart broken my only prize was 200 dollars. It took a long time to realize maybe God thought it was better if I didn’t win my husband and his brother had just re-united after not speaking for 14 years they battled each other over a joint real estate project.
        And the year before in 2002 my husband’s two brothers and step sister met at our home they had a bull session about what each of them would do if they won millions of dollars in the lottery everyone gave their input it was ok until my sister in law told my husband if he won a million dollars it was his obligation to pay off everyone in his family house mortgage when my husband said no he wouldn’t his sister became angry and for many years after that she never spoke to him again.
        Looking back some higher power probably saw that even with a small money prize of 50,000 the trouble that would arise. So I wasn’t allowed to win.
        It took me several years to get back on track financially. But I did without lottery prizes.
        I know the law of attraction works if you focus on it the right way you might not get millions of dollars but money will come to you. I was working at the time of my financial downfall I wasn’t looking for free money just enough money to get me out of deep dark valley.

  7. I am happy for her but she is part of the small percent who can do this. Manifestation and law of attraction does work (in my opinion) but you have to follow the rules and studies show (the real ones) this is challenging. You come out better using positive affirmations and just focus on being a better person than trying to manifest a certain number. Not to make anyone lose hope. But in order to change you have to work with the subconscious mind and there are plenty of videos on you tube you can use to do this. Staying positive and hoping for the best you will start having gratitude for many things in your life. I think this is the key to being happy and attracting better things that and hard work. When attempting to manifest if you don’t see results you get discouraged and this is normal but that discouragement can cause your manifestation not to happen. This is why I decided not manifest but just focus on more positive things and continue to pray. Yes I believe in the God and this teaches me God is working all these things our for me so I can bring things to existence through God. Remember Ask, Seek, and Knock? (bible verse) Try it! Its a very similar concept. You ask and believe with faith and God works things out for the good. God knows I will have good and bad days. I do use positive affirmations but in a way so if it does not happen I am not discouraged there for not at risk of losing what I am focusing on. Cause God has my back (hope you understand) good luck all

  8. I have been in the process of manifesting a lottery jackpot but haven’t hit the jackpot YET! Recently I have been feeling resistance and thought i would study how Cynthia won which has helped as I have been looking at the lottery as the only means to becoming wealthy now I’m open to receiving in many ways and opening myself up to abundance and prosperity

  9. I love that story! Thank you for sharing it, André. I am thinking about adding it to the new edition of my book, because I’m including some manifesting stories. What do you think?
    I have started attracting millionaires to my experience, so money can come in several ways to me, lottery is one of them!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

    1. I think that’s a great idea, Alicia! You may want to contact Eddie Coronado as well – he wrote a few books about winning the lottery through the Law of Attraction. For his books, he in turn interviewed various lottery winners.

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