When I discovered my father’s Joseph Murphy books, I was fascinated by their message: that through visualizing and strong belief we can create our own reality. Years before this philosophy became known as the Law of Attraction (LOA), I had read multiple books about it with a surprisingly consistent message.

Then along came The Secret, a documentary that marked a ‘before and after’ for many LOA enthusiasts. Its early version exposed me to Abraham-Hicks’s teachings, which is a continued source of wisdom for me.

Hi, my name is André. Although there is still a lot left to desire in my life, I continually remind myself that I’m at a point where I once wished I would be. I have manifested a life under the palmtrees and close to the ocean, I’m a proud father and happy boyfriend, and I can work from anywhere in the world.

I’m Your Law of Attraction Guinea Pig

Mastering the Law of Attraction is a continuous journey. On this website I document my experiences with this philosophy and others like it. One of my favorite things to do is dedicating a month at a time to trying out techniques or creating new habits. I invite you to join my 30-day challenges or, if you’re tuning in at a later moment, beginning your own.

If there’s any technique you would like me to try out and share my experiences about, do get in touch.

I Write Books, Too

During my transition to full-time manifestation expert, I have written two books. They focus on a subject I have always been passionate about: personal freedom. The first book is about living and working from anywhere as a digital nomad, while the second book helps you breathe new life into your passion projects. Check them out on Amazon!