How to Manifest With The 17-Second Rule

The 17-second rule was introduced by Abraham-Hicks as a tool to help people manifest consciously. 

In the realm of quick fixes, the 17-second rule has started leading a life of its own, creating the mistaken belief that it promises near-instant manifestations. 

While quick manifestations certainly exist, the 17-second rule is meant to help you take control of your thoughts. 

In this blogpost, let’s see how you can use this manifestation technique to your advantage.

What is the 17-second rule?

The 17-second rule explains that it takes 17 seconds of pure thought to activate the Law of Attraction

After those 17 seconds, another thought like it will join your first thought. 

Hold that thought for another 17 seconds, and the next thought joins it. 

Another 17 seconds, another thought.

Similar to a snowball rolling down a slope, growing in size as it hurtles towards its goal, your thoughts gather to create a powerful force.

By the time you cross the 68-second mark, you’ve got enough momentum going that it will result in some sort of manifestation.

How to use the 17-second rule

The 17-second rule isn’t so much about timing your thoughts with a stopwatch. 

It’s about being conscious of what you think about, and maintaining a pleasant thought.

And what better way to start than by lying down comfortably, closing your eyes, and thinking about a goal you wish to accomplish.

Stay with it. Imagine all the tiny little details to make the scene as visceral as possible. But at the same time, watch your thoughts from the outside, as if you were a scientist. 

Make sure you keep imagining that positive scene, and welcome any other positive thoughts that join it. 

Before you know it, you reach the 68-second point, after which physical manifestations must occur. 

Why should you use this method?

We spend our days thinking random thoughts, either in reaction to our surroundings or swept away by momentum. 

As an example of that momentum, you may be worrying about a relationship with someone while you are driving in your car. 

Without realizing, you spend more than 17 seconds imagining what that specific person will tell you when you meet again.

Your thought attracts a new thought about how you will react to that person, and so on.

Before you know it, you have created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The 17-second rule helps you realize the importance of conscious thinking. Because if you take your thoughts off the leash, they may come back to bite you.

Don’t worry…more than 17 seconds

Knowing about the 17-second rule can work in your favor as well as to your detriment. 

Spending 17 seconds or longer worrying about a subject, will add more negative thoughts to mix. 

Before you know it, your worries lead a life of their own and start to attract physical manifestations.

In other words, if you choose to worry, make sure you don’t spend more than 17 seconds doing so!

What the 17-second rule NOT is

The 17-second rule is not a magical formula to manifest in 17 seconds. Instead, this technique reminds us that it takes a conscious effort to create.

However, once we pass the 17-second threshold, manifesting gets a lot easier.

After your initial focus on a subject, your thoughts begin to lead a life of their own and more thoughts like it join your initial thought.

After just 68 seconds of pure thought, the Universe must react with a manifestation. The timing of this, however, is out of your hands. Just trust.

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